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The Air Doctor wants to keep your home comfortable for you and your family. Our service technicians are professional, reliable, and qualified to work on all major brands of HVAC including gas, electric, and heat pumps. The Air Doctor understands that you may not be prepared for an emergency situation, so we are budget friendly as well!

We guarantee our work and we are licensed and insured for all major brands.

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 Preventative Maintenance

We recommend having The Air Doctor clean and maintenance your HVAC equipment twice a year for the following reasons.

1. Run more efficiently

A clean unit does not work as hard to keep your home
comfortable. This benefits your utility bill.

2. Increases unit Lifespan

A well maintained unit will serve you well over 12 years. Without
proper care, you could be replacing your unit sooner.

3. Little Or No Repairs

Maintaining your HVAC system will help catch potential issues before they become bigger issues.

4. Health Benefits

Regular cleanings will improve your
indoor air quality keeping your familysafe from dirt, dust, allergens, and mold,

HVAC Myths and Misconceptions

Part of our profession at The Air Doctor, Inc. is to educate customers on how their HVAC system works and ways to maintain their HVAC unit so that it can last longer and ultimately save them money. Below are some common myths and misconceptions that many people have about their HVAC system.


You only have to change filters once a year.

It’s better to get a bigger hvac unit.

AC units need refrigerant added every spring/summer

The higher or lower you adjust your thermostat the faster it will reach your desired temperature.

Close vents in rooms that are not being used to save money

Routine maintenance is not necessary.


Dirty filters reduce airflow and can clog up the unit.

If a unit is too big it will keep cycling on and off. This will cost you more money and shorten the unit’s life span. This can also cause mold!

If refrigerant is being added to the unit there is a leak in the unit. This is something that should be addressed and repaired.

No matter what your thermostat is set on, the unit puts out the same amount of air. Setting the temperature super low/high makes the unit run longer and work harder to reach that temperature

Closing vents restricts airflow causing the unit to not work efficiently.

HVAC units need to be maintenanced at least twice a year. This will help catch small issues before they become big ones. You maintenance your car to keep it running efficiently, and maintaining your hvac unit will keep it running efficiently as well.

 Pro Tip

Change Filters every few months.

Have a licensed HVAC contractor perform a load calculation on your home to make sure the right size unit is installed.

Have your AC unit maintenanced twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall to make sure there are no potential leaks.

Install programmable thermostats that you can have come on and off at desired times. Wifi thermostats are also available.

Try not to place furniture over vents. Make sure vents can allow air to flow freely.

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